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How to Calibrate the Cameras for Your Tesla

Camera Present on a Tesla Vehicle

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla’s software is far superior than any other automaker at this time. It integrates seamlessly with the numerous cameras that are present on the car. This unlocks features such as Autopilot, Smart Summon, and more. However, there may be times when you need to calibrate these cameras, so that the software can perform optimally when using these capabilities. Continue reading for steps on how to calibrate the cameras for your Tesla.

Why Calibrate Cameras?

Depending on what year and where your Tesla was manufactured, it could have any number of cameras and sensors. The two, combined with the vehicle’s software, help the car successfully use various features. For example, your Tesla must maneuver with precision when it’s using Autopilot or Smart Summon.

If your car has been serviced and a camera has shifted from its calibrated position, then you’ll need to calibrate it again. Examples of this include if the windshield, or any camera on the vehicle was replaced. You won’t be able to use the features mentioned above until calibration is complete.

NOTE: If you attempt to use a feature that’s not available until the calibration process is complete, then it will appear as disabled and the touchscreen will display a message.

Drive to Calibrate

To calibrate the cameras, you’ll need to drive roughly 20 to 25 miles. After your Tesla has been serviced or you clear the calibration yourself, a progress indicator should appear, which will show how close the cameras are to calibrating.

The distance required to calibrate varies depending on road and environmental conditions. For example, if the roads are in a straight line, there are multiple lanes, and there are highly visible lane markings, then the calibration may be completed more quickly. Tesla recommends driving in the middle lane of a multi-lane highway.

NOTE: If the calibration is not complete after driving 100 miles in the described conditions, then contact Tesla Support so they can investigate why this is happening.

If for any reason, you’d like to reset the calibration process, you can do so with ease. When in the car, use the touchscreen and tap Controls > Service > Camera Calibration > Clear Calibration. Your Tesla will then repeat the calibration process.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to calibrate the cameras for your Tesla are simple. If you’d like to do it yourself for any reason, then touch Controls > Service > Camera Calibration > Clear Calibration when in your car. If not, Tesla Service will do this for you as well if any cameras have been repaired or replaced. Once that’s done, drive between 20 to 25 miles on a straight, multi-lane road with clear markings and the calibration should be complete. There will be a progress indicator that’ll show you when you’re done.

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