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How to Schedule a Tesla Service Appointment

Pearl White Tesla Model Y with Tire and Wheel Displayed

By: Otaiba Ahsan

There are several well-known perks that come with Tesla ownership. From charging at home, to streaming the latest shows using the massive touchscreen, there are plenty of examples. However, one that’s not talked about enough is the ease of scheduling any service appointments, and the opportunity to get them done without having to take your vehicle anywhere. Continue reading for steps on how to schedule a Tesla Service appointment.

Types of Service

While most electric vehicles (EVs) require significantly less routine maintenance, they do still need to be serviced. This includes things like cabin air filter replacements, tire balancing plus rotation, and more. See our guide on what maintenance is required on a Tesla for more details.

Tesla offers two types of service appointments:

  1. Service Center Visits: Requires you to bring your car to a Tesla Service location. These types of appointments are typically for more complex problems, or when the technicians cannot diagnose the exact issue when you’re scheduling the appointment, so they need to see the vehicle in person.
  2. Mobile Service: If what you need can be completed outside of a Service Center, then you can have a Mobile Service Technician come to you, whether it’s at your home or at another location that’s convenient for you. These types of appointments typically include more simple tasks such as tire rotations, cabin air filter changes, and more.

How to Schedule an Appointment

When you go to schedule an appointment, you will be shown dates and times for all appointment types available to you depending on your location and type of service needed.

To book, simply open the Tesla app, tap Service > Request Service and then select a topic. If your problem is more complex, you will also be given a chance to describe your concern. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to provide additional information. In some cases, Tesla requests that you send a photo.

NOTE: Once an appointment is booked, a representative from your Service Center may reach out through the messaging feature in the app for additional details or clarifications. You’ll get a notification if a message is ever received, however, to access them you can open the Tesla app and hit Service > Messages.

You can also cancel or reschedule an appointment.

  • To Cancel: Open the app and hit Service > Service Request > Manage Request > Cancel Request.
  • To Reschedule: Launch the Tesla app and tap Service > Service Request > Manage Request > Reschedule.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to schedule a Tesla Service appointment are simple. Launch the Tesla app and hit Service > Request Service. You can then choose the problem you’d like to solve, provide additional details as needed, and schedule either a mobile or Service Center appointment on a specific date and time.

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