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How to Use Smart Summon for Your Tesla

Tesla Model Y 20 Inch Inductions Rims

By: Otaiba Ahsan

If you’ve purchased or subscribed to the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package, then you’re likely aware of all the associated benefits. Of course, the most well-known attribute is the ability of the car to drive itself through city streets, as well as on the highway. However, a lesser-known feature is Smart Summon, which can help bring the vehicle to you. Continue reading for steps on how to use Smart Summon for your Tesla.

What is Smart Summon?

Smart Summon allows you to move your Tesla to your location or to a location of your choice using your phone’s GPS. To use the feature, your phone must be located within 213 feet, or 65 meters of the vehicle.

When using Smart Summon, the car will maneuver out of parking spaces, around corners, and will stop for or avoid any obstacles along the way. It can be useful if your vehicle is in a tight parking spot, or if you need to retrieve your Tesla when carrying something heavy.

NOTE: You must maintain a clear line of sight between you and the car at all times when Smart Summon is in use. If at any time the vehicle behaves in a way it shouldn’t, you may have to interfere.

Before Using Smart Summon

In order to use the feature, you’ll need to ensure you’ve done the following:

  • Have the latest version of the Tesla app downloaded to your phone, and ensure the device has cellular service as well as GPS.
  • The phone must be located within 213 feet, or 65 meters of the car. Additionally, the cameras must be calibrated.
  • Your Tesla should not be charging, and all doors or trunks should be closed. Lastly, you must have a clear line of sight to your car.

Using Smart Summon

Once you’re set, follow these simple steps to use Smart Summon:

  1. Open the Tesla app, and press Summon. Next, tap the Smart Summon icon that’s located in the center image of your Tesla. You’ll then see a map with a blue circle that shows the proximity you must maintain. The blue dot represents your location and the red arrow shows where the vehicle is.
  2. Ensure you’re positioned within the blue circle and have a clear line of sight to the car. Next, choose from one of the following two modes.
  3. Come to Me: Your Tesla will move to your location, and will follow you as you move. Once it reaches you, it’ll stop and shift into Park.
  4. Go to Target: Move the crosshair icon and drag the map to position the pin on a chosen destination. Once it reaches the location, it’ll stop and shift into Park.

Stopping or Canceling Smart Summon

To use Smart Summon, you have to continuously press and hold either of the two options mentioned above, in the mobile app. If you release this hold at any time, the car will stop. Moreover, it will cancel and will require a restart if:

  • A door handle is engaged or a door is opened.
  • If you’re inside the car and interact with the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal, or gear shift.
  • An obstacle is detected, or if the vehicle has moved the maximum possible distance. Additionally, if your phone enters sleep mode or loses connectivity.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to use Smart Summon for your Tesla are simple. Launch the Tesla mobile app and tap Summon. Next, touch the Smart Summon icon that’s located in the center image of your Tesla in the app. Lastly, choose either the Come to Me or Go to Target option to begin the process.

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