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How to Use Summon for Your Tesla

Tesla Model Y 21 Inch Uberturbine Staggered Rims

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla has several unique software features that come with their Full Self-Driving (FSD) package. Of course, the most well-known attribute is the ability of the car to drive itself through city streets, as well as on the highway. However, a lesser-known feature is Summon, which can be useful when parking in a tight spot for example. Continue reading for steps on how to use Summon for your Tesla.

What is Summon?

Summon allows you to automatically park and retrieve your Tesla while not being in the vehicle itself. For example, if you’re in a parking garage and there’s a spot that’s particularly tight, then you can align your Tesla, and step out of the car. Next, you can use Summon to back or pull into the spot, and once you’re ready to leave you can do the same to retrieve the vehicle.

You can move your Tesla forward or reverse up to 39 feet, or 12 meters. To use Summon, the car requires that a valid key is detected nearby.

NOTE: Tesla warns that this is a BETA feature. Thus, it’s important to use it with caution and continuously monitor the car’s surroundings. At any time, you should be prepared to take immediate action. Damage to the vehicle as a result of Summon is typically considered the driver’s responsibility, so be sure to use it safely.

Setting Up Summon

Before using the feature, you must enable it via the touchscreen first. To do this, tap Controls > Autopilot > Customize Summon. You can then customize the feature how you want:

  • Bumper Clearance: Allows you to set the distance that you want Summon to stop from a detected object. This applies to any detected objects behind or directly in front of the car, such as a garage door for example.
  • Summon Distance: This option allows you to set a maximum distance that your Tesla can travel when entering or exiting a parking space.
  • Side Clearance: Allows you to specify how much side clearance you want to allow. The Tight option means the vehicle can enter and exit extremely narrow parking spaces.
  • Require Continuous Press: By default, this feature requires you to press and hold the button on the mobile app. However, you can turn this setting off.

NOTE: The above settings can only be toggled for Summon. For the similar feature, called Smart Summon, all of these are pre-set.

Using Summon

To use Summon from outside the vehicle, follow these basic steps:

  1. Align your Tesla within 39 feet, or 12 meters of a parking space. Ensure that your car can follow a straight path into or out of the space.
  2. Step outside the vehicle, then open the Tesla app and find the Summon feature.
  3. Hold down the Forward or Reverse button to move the car.
  4. Once it’s in the spot, the Tesla will automatically shift to Park.

You can also use Summon from within the vehicle. Tesla has created an easy-to-follow guide with steps on how to do so.

Stopping or Canceling Summon

You can stop or cancel Summon at any time using the Mobile App. It will also cancel if:

  • A door handle is engaged or a door is opened.
  • If you’re inside the car and interact with the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal, or gear shift.
  • An obstacle is detected, or if the vehicle has moved out of the 39 feet, or 12 meters range.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to use Summon for your Tesla are easy. When in your car, tap Controls > Autopilot > Customize Summon. Once all the settings are to your liking, align your vehicle with a parking spot. Next, step out of your car and open the Tesla mobile app, and then tap Summon. You’ll then be able to move the car forward or back, until it’s in the spot.

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