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Underrated Benefits of Tesla Ownership

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Pearl White Tesla Model 3 in an Empty Parking Lot
Pearl White Tesla Model 3

Tesla is a polarizing player in the automotive space. Some swear that they’ll never make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and reference all the potential downsides that come with them. However, there are clear positives that cannot be ignored. Continue reading for details on the underrated benefits of Tesla ownership.

Avoiding the Gas Station Shuffle

If you’ve switched completely from gas-powered to EVs, then you know how nice it feels not having to go to the gas station. For me personally, it was especially unpleasant having to refuel during the Winter months, when it’s freezing cold. Here are two key benefits of charging rather than filling gas:

  1. Money Savings: Whether you charge exclusively at Superchargers or are able to refuel at home, there are significant savings for your wallet by doing so. A single charge at home can cost anywhere between $1 – $5 depending on how many kWh you add and so long as you do so during off-peak hours. Supercharging on the other hand can cost between $15 – $30 per charge on average. See our guide on the costs of charging for more details.
  2. Full Tank Every Day: If you’re lucky enough to be able to charge at your primary residence, then you’ll be able to wake up to a “full tank” every day. There’s allows you to have a healthy amount of range for your daily driving, and you won’t have to stress about running out of charge.

Reduced Maintenance Hassles

While there are still maintenance requirements for your Tesla, such as cabin air filter changes as well as tire rotation and balance, it’s overall significantly less than gas-powered cars. This has two primary benefits:

  1. Time Savings: Not having to go in for an oil change every few months, and having to change brakes less frequently thanks to the regenerative braking system are two examples of how you will save time. If you ever do need service, most times a Tesla Service professional will be able to come to you, which is an extremely useful perk.
  2. Money Savings: Once again, less maintenance means overall money savings in the long run. I mean come on, who doesn’t love more money in their pockets.

Constant Improvement

Tesla provides updates to your vehicle’s software wirelessly, also known as over-the-air software updates. The purpose of these is to patch any issues or bugs in the software to keep you and your passengers safe, as well as to keep the Tesla experience smooth for day-to-day driving. Additionally, these updates occasionally provide new features that previously weren’t available.

This means that your Tesla ownership experience will continuously improve over time. For example, when I first took delivery of my Tesla, it didn’t have a blind spot camera view on-screen when the turn signal was engaged. However, within a few months, there was a software update that added this extremely helpful feature, which wasn’t originally advertised with the car. It also enhanced the driving safety for myself and others, which is always a win.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of underrated benefits of Tesla ownership. You’re able to avoid the gas station rush, while saving a lot of money by charging instead. Moreover, there are time and cash savings by having significantly less maintenance when compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Lastly, there are constant improvements to your ownership experience, as software updates will patch any bugs while also providing occasional new features.

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