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How to Find Superchargers from Inside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla Supercharging Stall which you can navigate to from inside the Model 3 and Model Y
Tesla Supercharging Stall

One of the largest advantages of Tesla ownership is having access to its vast network of Superchargers. When you put a destination into your Tesla Maps, it’ll add Supercharger stops if needed. However, there are times when you’ll want to find locations on your own, and this can be done quite easily from within the car. Continue reading for steps on how to find Superchargers from inside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla Superchargers

For a long time, Supercharging stations were exclusive to Tesla, but they’re now slowly being opened to other electric vehicles (EVs) as well. Superchargers are typically found directly off major highways and at other high-traffic areas like casinos, resorts, and more. This is the fastest way to charge your Tesla.

Cost of Supercharging

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single price for Tesla supercharging. This is because some stations bill you per kWh while others bill you per minute. Tesla claims that whenever possible, owners will be charged per kWh. According to LeafScore, the average supercharging cost per kWh in California is 0.25 cents. However, this number is subject to change as rates continuously vary. If you find yourself at a supercharger that bills you per minute, there are four tiers to account for changes in charging speeds.

TIP: Try not to charge past 80% at chargers where you’re billed per minute. This is because superchargers become much slower to safeguard battery health once the battery reaches this percentage. Also, once you get to the supercharger, try and snag a spot at a stall that doesn’t have another car charging at it, as you won’t have to share the energy source and you’ll get a faster charge.

How to Find Superchargers

To display charging locations on the map, simply touch the map’s search bar and tap Charging. This will display charging locations in a list, including Tesla Superchargers, with the closest ones at the top. These locations correspond to a pin on the map, and you can touch any pin to display more information, navigate to it, or mark it as a favorite.

Moreover, there are lightning bolt icons to specify the types of charging locations you want the map to include. By default, the map will display only Superchargers which are typically medium or high-power chargers:

1. One lightning bolt will include low power stations up to 25 kW, such as destination charging locations.

2. Two lightning bolts display medium power chargers that range from 25 kW to 75 kW. These may include some Tesla Supercharging locations.

3. Three lightning bolts include high-power chargers of 75 kW and above. Once again, these will include mostly Superchargers.

When it comes to Superchargers, the appearance of its pin will reveal the status of the charger. For example, if it’s grayed out then that location is experiencing a high volume of users and you may need to wait before charging. Tesla has a useful guide on Supercharger status based on different pin appearances.

TIP: A resource I’ve personally found extremely handy is the Plugshare app and website, which can provide you with locations on Superchargers and destination chargers in your area. In many cases, it provides images of the chargers, the cost per kWh, how reliable they are and more.

The Bottom Line

How do you find Superchargers from inside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y? All you need to do is touch the map’s search bar and tap Charging, this will display all charging locations including Superchargers. It’s an easy process and an excellent resource for those looking to take advantage of Tesla’s vast network of chargers.

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