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How Far Can the Tesla Cybertruck Go on a Single Charge?

Tesla Cybertruck Parked in a Foggy Location

By: Otaiba Ahsan

From its first announcement to the day it was released, the Cybertruck has been a polarizing vehicle. There are die-hard enthusiasts on one hand, while others call its design and specifications poor for a truck of its price. However, one thing that all current or potential electric vehicle (EV) owners can agree on, whether they like the car or not, is that range is one of the most critical factors. So, how far can the Tesla Cybertruck go on a single charge? Continue reading for more.

EPA Estimated Range

Currently, Tesla uses range estimates provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There is said to be three trims available for the Cybertruck, which include the Single-Motor Rear-Wheel Drive, the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and the Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive. Of course, the EPA estimates will be different depending on the model you choose:

  1. Single-Motor (Rear-Wheel Drive): The cheapest of the three, this trim is said to have an EPA range of 250 mi.
  2. Dual-Motor (All-Wheel Drive): This model will likely edge out as the most popular option among the three. It has an estimated range of 340 mi.
  3. Tri-Motor (All-Wheel Drive): Lastly, the Cyberbeast provides 301 mi of range.

NOTE: It’s reported that Tesla will allow owners to upgrade their Cybertruck with range-extender battery packs that fit inside the truck’s cargo bed. This can potentially add an additional 130+ miles of range to any of the configurations, which is significant.

Factors Affecting Range

While the EPA estimated ranges are excellent on paper, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually squeeze that much distance out of your car on a full charge. This is due to several factors that impact the range such as:

  1. HVAC Usage: The use of air conditioning or the heating system impacts range as it requires energy to operate. Be sure to precondition the vehicle prior to driving to maximize efficiency.
  2. Wheel Size: The size and type of wheels on your Model S can affect range, as larger wheels and performance-oriented tires can create more drag which reduces efficiency. If you’re ordering off the Tesla site, choose the option that provides the most range if that’s your priority.
  3. Driving Speed and Style: Higher speeds and aggressive driving can decrease range, as it requires more energy to maintain speed and accelerate. Consider enabling Chill Mode to steer you away from constant bursts of acceleration.
  4. Temperature: Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, impact battery performance and can reduce range. In cold weather, the battery may have reduced capacity and take longer to heat up, whereas in hot climates it will likely need to be cooled to maintain performance.
  5. Payload: Carrying more weight in the vehicle, such as passengers or cargo, can lower the range of the car as it requires more energy to move the extra weight. This is especially true for the Cybertruck, as it can tow trailers.

The Bottom Line

So, how far can the Tesla Cybertruck go on a single charge? The Single-Motor Rear-Wheel Drive has and EPA range of 250 mi, whereas the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive comes in at 340 mi. Lastly, the Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive provides 301 mi of range. Tesla reports that range-extender battery packs should eventually become available, which can potentially add an additional 130+ miles of range to any of the configurations.

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