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3 Unique Things About the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Showcasing Unique Design

By: Otaiba Ahsan

By simply looking at the Tesla Cybertruck, you can tell that it’s not your conventional vehicle. From its design, to the materials used to build the car, it’s safe to say that the Cybertruck is different. We’re here to highlight some of the more notable variances. Continue reading to see 3 unique things about the Tesla Cybertruck.

1) Exterior Design and Build Material

The Cybertruck has an unconventional, angular design that is immediately eye-catching. I’ve personally seen one on the road, and the first thing I noticed is how everyone is either staring or taking a photo as it drives by. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before from a passenger vehicle.

Adding to this, the entire exterior is built using high-quality 300 series stainless steel. Tesla claims it’s corrosion-resistant, and is extremely durable. Using this material also means cost savings for the company, which is another bonus.

Lastly, another unique fact about the design is that the body of the car is a single exoskeleton, rather than putting together moving parts like for any other vehicle. Instead, the body panels are welded together to form the structure of the Cybertruck, a manufacturing process that no other automaker has ever done.

2) Performance

Not only does the truck have a wicked design and manufacturing process, but it has the performance to back it up. The Dual-Motor trim comes with 600 horsepower, has a reported 0 to 60 mph of 3.9 s, and has a top speed of 112 mph. Moreover, the Tri-Motor model has a 0 to 60 mph of 2.6 s, which would make it the quickest truck on the market.

These numbers are quite impressive, given that the truck weighs well over 6,000 lbs! Tesla claims that the car can also tow up to 11,000 lbs and has a range between 250 to 340 miles depending on the model you have.

3) Enhanced Security Features

Many Cybertruck enthusiasts like to refer to the vehicle as the “apocalypse-proof” car. This is thanks to claims such as there being a bioweapon defense mode via their HEPA filtration, as well as claims of the vehicle being bulletproof.

In short, the Cybertruck doesn’t have bulletproof windows, but has a partially bulletproof stainless steel body. It can withstand shots from a 9 mm handgun as well as a .22-caliber rifle, which both left small dents in the metal. However, when the shots were too close together, it was capable of cracking the steel. See our guide on the Tesla Cybertruck bulletproof claims for more details.

The Bottom Line

That concludes our summary of 3 unique things about the Tesla Cybertruck. In short, it has an incredible unique design, with the stainless steel material and exoskeleton manufacturing process being the first of its kind for a major commercial vehicle. Additionally, it has incredible performance, being the fastest truck on the road. Lastly, its safety features are far superior to most other cars.

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