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Are Tesla Cybertruck Windows Bulletproof?

Side View of a Tesla Cybertruck

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Since its announcement back in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has been an incredibly polarizing topic, with the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, making several bold claims about the vehicle. Now that the car is on the roads, we know that some of those statements were true, while others weren’t. A popular notion was whether the vehicle was bulletproof, specifically the windows. So, are Tesla Cybertruck windows bulletproof? Continue reading for more.

What Tesla Says

Something that got the Tesla community excited was the idea behind the Cybertruck being an “Apocalypse proof” vehicle. Whether it’s their alleged bioweapon defense mode via their HEPA filtration, or the claims of it being bulletproof, these statements created significant buzz for the car.

So, what does Tesla say? The company mentioned that the car can endure a 9 mm round. However, it may not have been specified whether they were referring to the stainless steel body, or the windows themselves. Also, it’s assumed that larger, more specialized ammunition would still be able to penetrate the Cybertruck.

NOTE: The truck has one of the largest windshields seen on any production vehicle, coming in at 180 cm, or 71 inches from top to bottom, and 175 cm, or 69 inches from side to side at its longest point. Lastly, the windshield wiper of the Cybertruck measures at 122 cm, or 48 inches, which is also comically long for a single piece.

Are the Windows Bulletproof?

The first thing to note is that the Cybertruck doesn’t have bulletproof windows, but instead has a partially bulletproof stainless steel body. Since the release of the infamous truck, several content creators have put the bulletproof claims to the test.

Popular Youtuber JerryRigEverything discovered that the body of the truck can indeed withstand shots from a 9 mm handgun as well as a .22-caliber rifle, which left small dents in the metal. However, it was also noted that if the shots were too close together, it could cause the metal to crack.

Moreover, I stated earlier that the vehicle is only partially bulletproof. The reason being is, when he used faster weapons such as an AR-15 or .50 caliber gun, the bullets were able to pierce through the car, as they were able to remove a visible chunk of metal.

The Bottom Line

Are Tesla Cybertruck windows bulletproof? While the windows aren’t bulletproof, the stainless steel body is to certain types of artillery. For example, it can withstand shots from a 9 mm round, as well as from a .22-caliber rifle. However, faster weapons will pierce through the car, but will still slow down the bullets altogether. Overall, the Cybertruck has impressive durability for a car that’s meant to just be on the road, for day-to-day driving and transport needs.

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