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What is the Towing Range for the Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesa Cybertruck Parked in a Driveway

By: Otaiba Ahsan

One of the most critical factors for current or potential electric vehicle (EV) owners is range. Tesla provides estimates on how far their cars can go on a full charge based on testing from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, it’s common knowledge that this range is not entirely accurate, as factors like weather, weight, and more impact the number. Of course, the Cybertruck has the capability to tow trailers, which can be quite heavy. So, what is the towing range for the Tesla Cybertruck? Continue reading for more.

EPA Estimated Range for the Cybertruck

Before going through the towing range, we need to understand what the actual estimated values from Tesla are first. This will completely depend on how many motors your model has:

  1. Single-Motor (Rear-Wheel Drive): The rear-wheel drive configuration is said to have an EPA range of 250 miles.
  2. Dual-Motor (All-Wheel Drive): Next, any of the dual-motor versions have an estimated range of 340 miles.
  3. Tri-Motor (All-Wheel Drive): Lastly, the “Cyberbeast” boasts a range of 301 miles.

NOTE: It’s reported that Tesla will allow consumers to upgrade their vehicle with range-extender battery packs that fit inside the truck’s cargo bed. This can potentially add an additional 130+ miles of range to any of the configurations.

Towing Range for the Cybertruck

As soon as Tesla began delivering the Cybertruck, many enthusiasts were keen to test its range when towing a trailer. Let’s examine two specific tests that were done:

  1. CleanTechnica shared results of a test that involved a Cybertruck towing a 6,000 lb, or 2,720 kg trailer. The driver did this with the tires that came with the car, in mild weather and clear conditions, while cruising under 105 km the entire way. After 4 tests and using 75% of the battery, they found that the Cybertruck got between 68 to 113 miles of range.
  2. TFL, a popular website for truck enthusiasts also put this to the test. They towed a 7,500 lb, or 3402 kg trailer. TFL concluded that the car could ride with a trailer of this size up to 115 miles realistically on a full charge.

Interestingly, while both tests are completely independent and come from two different sources, they provide strikingly similar results. In the case of both examples, the towing range lives between 68 to 113 miles for the Tesla Cybertruck on a full charge.

NOTE: It’s important to note that this range can vary tremendously based on driving style, external conditions, and more. However, these examples can instead be used to get an idea of what type of range will be available in these situations.

The Bottom Line

What is the towing range for the Tesla Cybertruck? The vehicle can ride between 68 to 113 miles, however this number can vary greatly based on several factors. This is quite a drop from the EPA estimated ranges, but is still impressive nonetheless.

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