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How to Secure Cargo on the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck in a City Center.

By: Otaiba Ahsan

If you ask a pickup truck driver what the best part of ownership is, many will refer to the versatility of the vehicle’s cargo bed. Whether it’s for carrying home renovation supplies, bicycles for a weekend getaway, or anything else, it’s a useful perk for sure. When transporting items that are at risk of falling out of the car, you’ll want to secure them. Continue reading for steps on how to secure cargo on the Tesla Cybertruck.

Securing Cargo

There are multiple options for securing cargo for the Cybertruck:

  1. Two Integrated L-Track Rails: These run the length of the cargo bed along the top of each side. Both are compatible with standard fittings which aren’t included with the car, and they also provide several anchoring options. See the visual from Tesla as a reference.
  2. Four Tie-Down-Anchors: Located at the bottom of each corner of the cargo bed, these can be useful for tying things down. The maximum force between any two anchor points shouldn’t be more than 707 lbs, or 320 kg. View the image from Tesla to get an idea of their exact location.
  3. Eight Attachment Anchor Points: Lastly, these eight can also be used to tie things down. There are four distributed on each side of the vehicle, located on the cab and on the rails of the cargo bed, and they can also accommodate accessory racks. See the illustration from Tesla for reference.

NOTE: Tesla warns not to use the L-tracks or the tie-down anchors for towing, as they’re only meant for securing cargo.

If you’re unsure about using straps and other tools with the options above to secure cargo, there are plenty of guides that can show you how to do so in a simple and safe manner.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Now that you know how to secure cargo, let’s look at the weight it can handle, which varies based on the specific trim of the Cybertruck:

  1. Dual Motor All Season: Maximum payload of 2,200 lbs, or 998 kg.
  2. Dual Motor All Terrain: Maximum payload of 2,500 lbs, or 1,134 kg.
  3. Tri Motor All Season: Maximum payload of 2,000 lbs, or 907 kg.
  4. Tri Motor All Terrain: Maximum payload of 2,270 lbs, or 1,030 kg.

As you can see, the weight varies up to a difference of 500 lbs, which is quite significant. Therefore, it’s important to review these numbers during the purchase process if the maximum payload is of particular importance to you.

NOTE: These values are subject to change at any time based on what trims of the car are available. Tesla will update their Owner’s Manual for the Cybertruck as needed.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to secure cargo on the Tesla Cybertruck are straightforward. There are integrated L-tracks, four tie-down anchors in the bottom corners, and eight other attachment anchor points as well. Details on their exact location are shown above. Lastly, you can find several guides on what straps or other tools you can purchase to actually tie down the cargo.

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