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What Can the Rear Touchscreen Do in the Refreshed Tesla Model 3?

Rear Touchscreen in the Refreshed Tesla Model 3

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla is infamous for their minimalistic interior, where virtually anything can be accomplished using the tablet-like touchscreen. Since its initial launch, there has only ever been a single screen in the front of the vehicle for the Model 3. However, with the refreshed Highland edition, one has been added for the rear passengers as well. What can the rear touchscreen do in the refreshed Tesla Model 3? Continue reading for more.

Rear Touchscreen Controls

Located above the air vents in the back of the car, is an 8-inch touchscreen, similar to what you’ll see in higher-end Tesla vehicles such as the Model S and X. Rear passengers will be able to do the following:

  1. Climate Control: You can turn the climate control system on or off, adjust the fan speed, and toggle the rear seat warmer settings. Also, you can use your finger to control airflow, the same way you do with the screen up front.
  2. Seats: If you get in the car and find that the front passenger seat is too close for comfort, there’s the ability to move it forward or backwards using arrows.
  3. Media: Access the available streaming apps. You can also play, pause, skip, or rewind whatever song is playing at that time.
  4. Volume: Lastly, you can use the screen to raise or lower the volume for whatever media you are playing.

To get a better understanding of the button layout for the rear touchscreen, see the visual from Tesla.

Other Rear Touchscreen Abilities

In addition to the controls mentioned above, you can also tap a button on screen to pair up to two sets of Bluetooth headphones. This can be useful if the rear passengers would like to stream a video while minimizing background noise.

You can also control the rear touchscreen from the front. To do so, open the rear screen remote control app that can be found in the bottom bar of the front screen. Additionally, you can lock the rear display by tapping Controls > Display > Lock Rear Display. This can be useful if you have anyone sitting in the back but don’t want them to have access to any of the controls mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

What can the rear touchscreen do in the refreshed Tesla Model 3? You can control all the rear climate settings, such as fan speed and airflow, seat warmer levels, and more. Additionally, you can access media controls, particularly when streaming a video or controlling what song is playing. Lastly, you can move the front passenger seat by using arrows on the screen. Overall, the rear touchscreen is a welcome addition to the Model 3 Highland, improving the passenger experience as a whole.

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