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How to Access the Cargo Bed for the Tesla Cybertruck

Rear View of the Tesla Cybertruck

By: Otaiba Ahsan

The Cybertruck is the first of its kind in the Tesla lineup of vehicles. It’s a light truck with an incredibly unique design. While the look of the car can distract people, it’s important to remember that this vehicle still functions as a truck. That means it comes with a sizeable cargo bed that has several utilities. Continue reading for steps on how to access the cargo bed for the Tesla Cybertruck.

Accessing the Cargo Bed

When your car is parked, you can step outside and use exterior switches to access the cargo bed. Use this visual from Tesla as a reference to the information below:

  1. Tonneau Open: This is the first button shown in the image, which you can fully press and release to open the tonneau cover. If you’d like to pause the opening, press it a second time. Lastly, to open the tonneau cover partially, press the button lightly and release when desired.
  2. Tonneau Close: Next, you can fully press the second button shown in the image, which will close the cover. Similarly, you can pause at any time by pressing it once more, and once again you can partially close it by pressing lightly and releasing when needed.
  3. Tailgate Open: The third and final button shown in the image. Press it to release the tailgate latch.

Additionally, you can use the Tesla mobile app, as well as the touchscreen in your car to open or close the tonneau cover. For both options, simply tap Controls > Tonneau and choose your desired outcome.

Under Bed Compartment

Once you’ve accessed the cargo bed, you’ll see that there’s a sealed storage compartment. Tesla has an image you can see for reference. To open it, simply grab the handle and flip the cover upwards. Once it’s open, the integrated struts will hold the cover in the raised position. To close the compartment, push it fully downward until the latch engages.

This compartment also features a drain plug, which means you can use it to store water or ice. To open the drain plug, turn it counterclockwise and pull it up. Once you’re done draining, re-install the plug.

NOTE: Avoid slamming the lid, as it could damage the car and put you at risk of injury. Lastly, don’t load more than 220 lb, or 100 kg in the under bed compartment. Once again, doing so may cause damage.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to access the cargo bed for the Tesla Cybertruck are simple. When your car is parked, step outside to the cargo bed and choose from three buttons to press. You can either push Tonneau Open, Tonneau Close, or Tailgate Open. We outline in detail above the function of each switch. Lastly, you can also toggle these same controls using the Tesla mobile app at any time.

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