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Where Are the Interior Outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck?

Interior of the Tesla Cybertruck

By: Otaiba Ahsan

All Tesla vehicles provide USB ports in the cabin for your convenience. However, none of them actually come with an actual power outlet… until the introduction of the Cybertruck of course. These can be quite useful for both passengers and the driver. So, where are the interior outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck? Continue reading for more.

Enabling Power for the Outlets

There are two 120V power outlets in the center console of the Cybertruck, and they can provide up to 20A combined. These are the same type of outlets you would plug your phone charger into in your home.

NOTE: The 20A maximum draw for the two 120V power outlets is shared between both. In other words, if you have something plugged into both at the same time, power to each device may be reduced or interrupted.

To enable power to the outlets, use the touchscreen in your car and tap Controls > Outlets & Mods > Enable Cabin Outlets on Entry. Once this has been toggled, the outlets will be enabled by default each time you enter your vehicle.

Lastly, you can also have the cabin outlets continue supplying power even when the car isn’t occupied. To do so, touch Controls > Outlets & Mods > Enable Keep On Cabin and Bed Outlets. This can be handy in several situations, like if you want to charge your laptop while stepping away from the vehicle for example.

Location of the Outlets

As mentioned above, both outlets are located in the center console of the Cybertruck:

  1. The first can be accessed by opening the front compartment of the center console. You’ll see that an outlet is located on the front wall. Tesla has created a visual for your reference. This outlet is specifically designed to be more accessible by the front passengers.
  2. The second outlet is located below the rear touchscreen and is meant to be used by the passengers in the back of the car. Once again, see Tesla’s image for your reference.

NOTE: Power to the outlets may be disabled in extremely low ambient temperatures according to Tesla. However, an exact range hasn’t been provided.

The Bottom Line

So, where are the interior outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck? You can find two 120V power outlets that provide up to a combined 20A. They are both located in the center console, with the first being on the front wall of the console once it’s opened. The other can be found below the rear touchscreen for the passengers in the back.

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