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Where Are the Cargo Bed Outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck?

Rear view of the Tesla Cybertruck

By: Otaiba Ahsan

The Cybertruck brought with it a lot of firsts, that haven’t been seen before in other Models Tesla makes. For example, no other car in their lineup has outlets that can supply power on the outside of the vehicle. So, where are the cargo bed outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck? Continue reading for more.

Accessing the Cargo Bed

Before discussing the cargo bed outlets, you’ll first need to know how to get to the cargo bed itself. When your car is parked, you can step outside and use exterior switches to access the cargo bed. Use this visual from Tesla as a reference to the information below:

  1. Tonneau Open: This is the first button shown in the image, which you can fully press and release to open the tonneau cover. If you’d like to pause the opening, press it a second time. Lastly, to open the tonneau cover partially, press the button lightly and release when desired.
  2. Tonneau Close: Next, you can fully press the second button shown in the image, which will close the cover. Similarly, you can pause at any time by pressing it once more, and once again you can partially close it by pressing lightly and releasing when needed.
  3. Tailgate Open: The third and final button shown in the image. Press it to release the tailgate latch.

Additionally, you can use the Tesla mobile app, as well as the touchscreen in your car to open or close the tonneau cover. For both options, simply tap Controls > Tonneau and choose your desired outcome.

Cargo Bed Outlets

The Tesla Cybertruck has three AC power outlets located in the cargo bed. Once you open the tailgate, you’ll see an outlet cover on the left side. Pull the left side of the panel to open the cover and you’ll see the following:

  • Two 120 V power outlets, which have a 20A maximum draw, combined.
  • One 240V power outlet, with a 40A maximum draw, combined.

Tesla has provided a visual so you can see exactly where the outlets are in the cargo bed. The 120V outlets are independent from the ones inside the cabin. Therefore, you can pull 20A of power from both the cargo bed and interior 120V outlet at the same time.

To enable power to the outlets, tap Controls > Outlets & Mods using the touchscreen inside the car. From this view, you can toggle power to all AC outlets and each power feed. Also, when the outlets are supplying power, the touchscreen will show how much is being used.

The Bottom Line

Where are the cargo bed outlets for the Tesla Cybertruck? After you access the cargo bed, you’ll see an outlet cover on the left side. Once opened, you’ll see that there are three AC power outlets that you can use. Two of them are 120 V, whereas the other one is a 240V outlet. These can be extremely useful in a variety of scenarios.

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