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What is Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Interior of a Tesla, Showing the Steering Wheel, Centre Console, Dashboard, and Touchscreen

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla vehicles are equipped with countless useful features and apps. Whether it’s one from the car’s media suite like Disney Plus, or a video conferencing tool like Zoom, there’s something of use for everyone. However, to engage any of these you’ll of course need a stable internet connection. The key question then becomes, what if you want to use the apps anywhere, whether Wi-Fi is available or not? That’s where Tesla Premium Connectivity comes into play. So, what is Tesla Premium Connectivity? Continue reading for more.

What is Connectivity in a Tesla?

All Tesla vehicles come with access to Standard Connectivity, which is included in the car at no additional cost for eight years which begins from the first day it was delivered as new by Tesla. This means that all owners will always have access to basic maps, navigation, and music streaming over Bluetooth. Of course, when connected to Wi-Fi, you can then use all the other available apps.

NOTE: If you’re purchasing a Tesla as a used vehicle, you’ll be notified of how long your car will have access to Standard Connectivity.

On the flipside, Premium Connectivity provides the ability to access the entire suite of apps and features at all times. Essentially, it gives your car cellular data which then allows you to use any of the apps whenever you please. Moreover, it also enables your maps and navigation to update in real-time, which means you’ll always get the best route.

Tesla has a helpful table which breaks down all the benefits of Premium Connectivity vs. Standard. It’s worth taking a look to see exactly what you’d miss out on.

How to Subscribe to Premium Connectivity

Currently, Premium Connectivity is offered as a monthly subscription which costs $9.99 plus applicable taxes. There are two simple ways to subscribe to this service.

1) From Within the Car

  • When in your Tesla, tap Controls > Upgrades and then you’ll see the option to subscribe to Premium Connectivity.
  • Hit Swipe to Purchase and voila, you now have Premium Connectivity. Your car may require a software update.
  • The billing address and card on file for your Tesla profile will be charged monthly, so be sure to log into your Tesla account and check if they’re up to date.

2) From the Tesla App

  • Open the Tesla app, select your vehicle and then tap Upgrades > Software Upgrades.
  • Next, hit Subscribe and then Add next to Premium Connectivity.
  • Lastly, touch Checkout and then confirm your payment details to complete the payment process.

NOTE: If you’re taking delivery of a new Tesla, you’ll receive a Premium Connectivity trial. The length of the trial varies depending on the model you get, so be sure to ask your advisor.

The Bottom Line

So, what is Tesla Premium Connectivity? In short, it’s a paid monthly subscription that provides your car with cellular data so that all features and apps can be accessed at any time. It also enables live updates for Tesla maps and navigation, which allows for the best route possible to be chosen when travelling to a destination.

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