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How to Maximize the Interior Space of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla Center Console Organizer
Tesloid Center Console Organizer for the Model 3 and Y

Both the Tesla Model 3 and Y are known for their minimalistic interior. While this look is sleek and popular among many, it doesn’t exactly maximize the available space. However, there are several accessories you can get from Tesla or other places to help solve this issue. Continue reading for tips on how to maximize the interior space of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

Accessories Available for Both the Model 3 and Model Y

Here’s a quickfire list of different accessories from Tesloid that you can get to improve storage and maximize the space in your Model 3 or Y.

1) Model 3 and Model Y Center Console Organizer: This is one of the most popular choices, and is a great way to make use of the unused. It slots in perfectly when the center console is open, and you can slide it back and forth so you still have access to the area underneath. There are 4 main compartments and it’s ideal to store things like keys, coins, glasses, mints, and more.

Tesla Center Console Organizer
Center Console Organizer

2) Model 3 and Model Y Armrest Organizer: This useful piece fits perfectly when the driver armrest compartment is lifted open. It’s split into 4 sections and can be used to store items such as wallets, accessories, and much more. Lastly, it’s coated in premium flock material to perfectly blend in with the car’s interior.

Tesla Arm Rest Organizer
Armrest Organizer

3) Model 3 and Model Y Armrest Hidden Storage: When the armrest compartment is lifted open, there is actually some open space on the top piece. You can slot this accessory into that area and use it as additional storage. It’s a hidden compartment and you can easily place things like wallets or keys there.

Tesla Model 3/Y Hidden Storage
Armrest Hidden Storage

Accessories Available Only for the Model Y

Two accessories from Tesloid are only available for the Model Y.

1) Model Y Door Pockets: This clever piece slots perfectly into the open space where the door handle is and can store any small items you need. The Model Y Door Pockets make small valuables such as cards or keys readily accessible for ultimate convenience. The best part, you’ll get a full set for all doors so you can pick and choose where you’d like to place them.

Tesla Model Y Door Pockets
Model Y Door Pockets

2) Model Y Underseat Drawer: Maximize any unused space, including underneath your seat! This drawer is designed to slide back and forth underneath any seat and looks seamless with the rest of the interior. You can store items like water bottles, purses, cleaning supplies, and more.

Model Y Underseat Drawer
Model Y Underseat Drawer

The Bottom Line

That completes the guide on how to maximize the interior space of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. There are several accessories available for both vehicle’s that allow you to make use of the unused space and add great value to the overall ownership experience. Whether you’re a long time Tesla owner, or are about to take delivery of one soon, be sure to check these out.

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