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How to Use the Boombox Feature for Your Tesla

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesloid Model Y Induction Wheel Covers
Pearl White Tesla Model Y with the Tesloid Induction Wheel Covers

Picture this, it’s a warm Summer day and you’re having a nice get-together somewhere outdoors. Usually, there’s a speaker playing music, but unfortunately it’s not present. However, thanks to Tesla’s Boombox feature, you’re able to output any audio of your choice in a few short moments. Continue reading for steps on how to use the Boombox feature for your Tesla.

What is the Boombox Feature?

So long as your Tesla is equipped with a Pedestrian Warning System, you can play a variety of sounds using the external speaker in the vehicle. This feature can only be used when the car is in Park. A common use of Boombox is when hanging outside with friends and family, especially at cottages or campsites.

NOTE: Be sure to check local laws before using the Boombox feature in public areas. Also, it’s important to respect those around you who aren’t part of your gathering.

How to Use the Boombox Feature

When in your car, tap the app launcher at the bottom of the touchscreen, also known as the three dots, then hit Toybox. Once you’re in, hit Boombox and you’ll see a screen with a few options.

The Toybox Icon in Your Tesla
The Toybox Icon in Your Tesla

Once you’re in, there’s three options for you to choose from:

  1. Play Current Media: This will play whatever media you’re currently using. Whether it’s from the Spotify or Apple Music apps already built into Tesla’s infotainment system or audio from your phone connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. See a list of all the media apps available for your Tesla.
  2. Megaphone: The Megaphone feature will allow you to project a modulated version of your voice using the external speakers of your car. This is quite a unique feature that most other vehicles don’t have, and it can be quite fun to play around with. Whether you want to embarrass your friend or use it for an actual announcement, it’s definitely something you should try.
  3. Horn Sound: You can press the horn to play the first five seconds from a compatible USB device. This process takes a few steps and requires you to format the USB in a certain way. See our guide on how to create custom sounds for your Tesla’s horn.
The Different Options when Boombox is Open
The Different Options when Boombox is Open

Lastly, you’ll notice that there’s a dropdown toggle menu next to the Preview button on the right of the screen. This will allow you to choose an existing sound, such as Fart and play it out loud from your external speakers. Once again, this is a fun feature that can make your kids laugh or be used to embarrass one of your friends in a playful way.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to use the Boombox for your Tesla are simple. When in your car, tap the app launcher and hit Toybox. Once you’re in, go to Boombox and choose whether to play current media, use the megaphone, or change the horn sound. This is a unique feature that Tesla is known for and something that can add some fun to your ownership experience!

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