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Top Features

A Sleek Secondary Display

With all essential readings

Display speed Tesla

Eyes on the Road!

No more having to look at the touchscreen for a speed reading. The speedometer display is conveniently located underneath the lip of the dashboard displaying all critical information.

Screen display Tesla second

Real Time Data

Plugs into Model Y’s computer to provide real time data. The speedometer includes all driving essentials: speed, gear, turning signals, battery percentage (on park) and low battery sign.

Screen display for Model 3/Y Tesla

Easy Installation

No additional tools or drilling required. Complete plug and play installation can be done in 15 minutes. Please watch the demonstration video before installing.

Screen install second Kit for model y/3

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Take control and optimize every turn of your journey.

Screen edge guard kit for Tesla Model y/3


Tesla display dimensions
Parameter Value
Compatibility All Model Y years

Material ABS
Removable? Yes
Weight 0.4 lbs
Package Contents Speedometer
OBD Connector

Installation Notes

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hare
Simple in-dash display

I bought this because I didn't like constantly glancing to my right, over my right hand on the wheel to see key pieces of information (my previous car had a dash display). It was fairly easy to install, even for a person such as myself who is not terribly handy. It shows speed, turn signal, gear (at low speeds) and battery % (when stopped). It's not much info, but it has stopped me from looking at the center screen all the time. It'll do for now, but I might consider an upgrade in a few years to something that also shows navigation instructions and situational awareness displays.