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Fits all model years

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All set for your next adventure

An impromptu road trip or vacationing in the national parks, you’ve got your perfect camping companion.

Tesloid tent

Camping tent for model y

Model Y camping tent big
Model Y camping tent forest

Tesloid Tent Model Y

Model Y Tent

Top Features

A dock your Model Y

Custom tailored to fit the dimensions of the Model Y's tail space. Either set up a long term post around your Model Y or reverse right into the tent after a long day of exploring while leaving the tent behind. Possibilities are endless.
Best Model Y tent

A big tiny home

Need space? No problem! With almost 7 ft tall ceiling and 9.5 ft x 9.5 ft floor space along with 25 square feet of awning, there is plenty of room for your belongings and activities. Not counting the sleeping area inside your Model Y, which is a bonus.
Model Y tent living space

A practical design

Compact design that folds and fits right inside the frunk; saving you space in the trunk for other camping gear.
Model y tent portable

It's all in the details

Model y tent windows

Roof Skylights

Model y tent roof cover

Ripstop Fabric

Model Y tent front porch

Charger Access

Made for Model Y.
Made for Adventure.

Model Y camping tent adventure


Parameter Value
Material Ripstop Fabric
Fiberglass Poles
Floor Space 9.5ft x 9.5 ft
Height 7 feet
Setup Time 15 mins
Take Down Time 10 mins
Package Contents Main Tent
Rain Fly
Support Poles
Stakes & Rope
Repair Kit
Carrying Bag
Compatibility Model Y only

What's new?

Model Y Tent

New to Second Gen

  • Dome Exoskeleton
  • Faster & easier takedown
  • 40% more floor space
  • Tighter seal around Model Y
  • Ripstop Fabric
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Chargeport access
  • Skylights
  • Frunk storage
  • and more!


Is the tent rain proof?

Yes, it is designed to withstand heavy rain. It is made with 100% waterproof materials. For a rainy day, it comes with an additional roof cover (Rain Fly) for another layer of protection. Also, the Model Y glass roof cover can be extended to front of the car to prevent rain water from draining backwards into the tent

Is the tent wind proof?

Yes, it is designed to withstand a windy day. The new second generation tent has dome shaped exoskeleton that can withstand stronger winds. The tent has three set of straps that can be mounted to the vehicle. It also comes with set of anchors/stakes and ropes to secure the structure to the ground.

Can you open and close the tent windows?

Yes, windows can opened and closed. There are two layers of windows. One layer is a netted screen that can be zipped on/off. Second layer is a waterproof opaque layer that can also be zipped on/off. Both the layers can be rolled to the top to fully open the windows

Is there protection against mosquitoes and bugs ?

Yes, all four sides of the tent have zippered nets that can be closed off to prevent bugs from coming inside. The new second generation tent is also embedded with elastics, magnets and straps on the side that docks with Model Y to close off any gaps around the car.

Can you use the tent without the car?

Yes, you can leave the tent behind and drive away the car and return back to the tent. When the car is not docked into the tent, the tent can be fully closed off and sealed even on the side that connects to the car.

How do I store it?

It can be folded back into the provided bag and can be stored in the frunk.

Is the mattress included with the tent?

No, the mattress is sold separately. See our mattress listing.

Does it fit Model 3, Model X or Model S?

It is custom tailored according to the dimensions of Model Y. However, it is still possible to use on other vehicles. On Model 3, it is slightly larger and covers the car more than necessary. On Model X, it is slightly tighter. On Model S, it is slightly larger in some areas and tighter in other areas. In all cases, the tent is still useable, provides adequate coverage and keeps rain water out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wolfgang Fühs
Good option for Model Y In The Wild

Positives: high entrance and ceiling. Allows for folks with a 6-4 frame to walk without ducking; fits nice and snug onto the model Y rear end; allows for hatch to be open or closed; stand alone design allows for drive off and return without the hassle of breaking camp; room to sleep in tent with SO in Y; negatives: I’m a guy that likes to set up camp by myself. You need a partner to open this tent up, at least from my newbie experience. I tried for about an aggregating hour to pop the four sides open and it was fubar. With with it would be a train wreck alone; bug netting should be added on the upper 10% of the roof . Pro tips: buy a footprint! Your tent floor will last a lot longer if you do; set it up at home before heading out; watch the videos provided by Tesloid! Collapsing the tent will take practice. Be sure all sides are even BEFORE you try and fold the corners into a circle. Once you have it down, it’s a one person take down. If I could put the tent up on my own (maybe someday?), I would give it 5 stars.

Tesla Tent

Great product! Very easy to install. Took awhile for me to fold it back but overall such a great product.

Tresa Pickup
Perfect Model Y Tent

We watched several YouTube videos and the instructional video from the QR code included on set up and take down. We also practiced putting the flattened tent back in the bag before going on our trip. It is definitely not a 1 person job, but no issues at all with 2 people. The tent is very spacious and the height is amazing. It's very easy to attach and unattach from the car if you're going out for the day. It's nice to open it up on 3 sides and get some breeze. The option to use any of the 3 sides as the canopy makes it versatile. Our only complaint is that the side you use as a canopy doesn't allow you to close that side at night. Best to determine if people would be able to see you from that side. Or you could take it off the poles at night if needed. We were very happy with this purchase.

Jeff Manning

We ordered our Model Y tent from Tesloid and got it in the mail within a reasonable time. The case is very neat and easy to unpack. It has a handle on it and is very light. My 14 year old son and I set it up, which initially took some time but using pictures from the website and using common sense we put it up. The take down took literally 15 minutes, and that includes the last portion of bending the main tent into the carrier. The tent is good quality and fits well on the outside of the Y. Thanks Tesloid for making such a good product !!

Camping Trip

Easy to set up and secure in the wind. The tear-down took a little bit of practice but is easy once you have the hang of it.