Model 3 Snow and Mud Flaps




Fits all model years

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Top Features

Seamless Match

Model 3 mud flaps look as if came with the car. Designed with automotive grade materials matching the existing trim of Model 3.

model 3 mud flaps rear

Easy Installation

No drilling necessary! Model 3 mud flaps are designed to make use of existing holes making installation and removals process a breeze!

model 3 mud flaps installation

Comes as a Full Set

Set of 4 for all 4 wheels. Mounting hardware and screws are also included.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps set of four

Keep Your Car Clean

Save on car washes and paint damages from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris your wheels throw around.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps keep clean


Model 3 Mud flaps description
Parameter Value
Materials Automotive ABS
Front Ground Clearance 4.75 In.
Rear Ground Clearance 5.5 In.
Front Dimensions 11x8x2 In.
Rear Dimensions 11.5×7.5×2.2 In.
Weight 1.44 lb

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