Model 3 Snow and Mud Flaps


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Top Features

Seamless Match

Model 3 mud flaps look as if came with the car. Designed with automotive grade materials matching the existing trim of Model 3.

model 3 mud flaps rear

Easy Installation

No drilling necessary! Model 3 mud flaps are designed to make use of existing holes making installation and removals process a breeze!

model 3 mud flaps installation

Comes as a Full Set

Set of 4 for all 4 wheels. Mounting hardware and screws are also included.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps set of four

Keep Your Car Clean

Save on car washes and paint damages from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris your wheels throw around.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps keep clean


Model 3 Mud flaps description
Parameter Value
Materials Automotive ABS
Front Ground Clearance 4.75 In.
Rear Ground Clearance 5.5 In.
Front Dimensions 11x8x2 In.
Rear Dimensions 11.5×7.5×2.2 In.
Weight 1.44 lb
Compatibility 2017-2023

Installation Notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris Ladner
Fit well, work well

These mud flaps fit like factory. They keep mud off of the vehicle’s sides and rocks from slinging back from the tires. You’re welcome tailgaters.

Alan Cooper
Model Y Snow and Mud Flaps

The Tesloid mud flaps were easy to install on my Model Y. The photos on their website helped in locating the existing plugs. They were especially helpful locating the spot behind the rear wheel. We have had a lot of wet heavy snow recently and the mud flaps have stood up very well. Extremely happy with the purchase and the price.

Ralph Lombardo
They help

Fit well, easy to install. And most importantly, is they do HELP to reduce the road dirt.

Mike Stamatakos
Great Quality Mud Flaps

Great quality mud flaps with easy installation and the price is right. Protect your vehicle from gravel, sand and grime in all weather conditions.

Susan L
Mud flaps look great

Easy to install and look great. Very pleased with my purchase!