Model 3 Frunk Cooler Food Bag


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Frunk is for Food!

Fresh for hours, on the go and easy to carry roadtrip bag? Just when you thought your Model 3 roadtrips couldn’t get any better…

Model 3 Frunk Food bag for road trips

Two sides for your cravings

Thermally insulated left side for hot/cold perishable food or drinks and ‘pantry’ side on the right for everything else. Keep your food fresh and make your trip even more enjoyable!

Model 3 thermal insulated bag

Quality craftsmanship

Made with durable & high quality 600D fabrics with stuffing to handle maximum load and still maintain its shape

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It’s all in the details!

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Lift Handles

Model 3 Frunk Lift Aux Pocket

Aux Pocket

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What fits inside?

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Model 3 frunk food bag fits a lot of stuff
Model 3 frunk food bag fits many items

All set for your next adventure

On your next pitstop, you’ve got your perfect road trip companion.

Model 3 Frunk Cooler Bag Canada

Model 3 Frunk Food Bag Easy Carry
Model 3 Frunk Cooler Bag Toronto

Detachable Icebag

This optional icebag has a waterproof base and water-resistant zippers. It is detachable from the main bag for convenience. It is rated for a thin layer of ice lined to the bottom of the bag or for use with packaged ice.

[Please do not overflow with ice.]

Model 3 Frunk Icebag


Model 3 Frunk Bag
Parameter Value
Material 600PU, Thermal Insulation
Space ~1.8 Cubic Feet
Detachable pieces Main Bag, Icebag, Dividers
Compatibility Fits all model years
Slightly tighter fit on models newer than August 2020

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