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How Big is the Frunk on a Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X Emblem

By: Otaiba Ahsan

There are several advantages that come with electric vehicle (EV) ownership. For example, they lack an engine and have far fewer moving parts than a gas car, which means there’s a lot of space where the engine normally sits. So, what have automakers done with the extra space? Most have added a front trunk, also known as a frunk amongst the Tesla community. So, how big is the frunk on a Tesla Model X? Continue reading for more.

How to Open the Frunk

To open the frunk of your Model X, ensure your Tesla is in park and then do one of the following before pulling the hood open:

  1. Tap the Open icon on the touchscreen in your car.
  2. Open the Tesla app > Controls > Open where your front trunk is.
  3. If you own a key fob, double-click the front trunk button.

How to Close the Frunk

Once you’re done using the frunk, you’ll need to close it. Unlike most gas vehicles, the hood for any Tesla is not heavy enough to latch under its own weight so you’ll have to close it manually. If too much pressure is applied on the front edge or centre of the hood, it can cause damage. To correctly close the hood, follow these steps:

  1. Gently lower the hood until the striker touches the latches. In other words, bring your hood down and drop it softly, you’ll see that it’s still slightly open after you’ve done so.
  2. Place your hands just above and on both sides of the Tesla logo, and firmly press down to engage the latches. You’ll hear a click which means the hood is now closed. Tesla has a useful visual on exactly where you’ll want to press down.
  3. Double-check if your frunk is closed by trying to lift the front edge of the hood.

NOTE: If there’s ever a situation where a person is locked inside your frunk (we certainly hope not), there’s an Interior Emergency Release button that illuminates from the inside. Press the button and push the hood up to open it from the inside.

How Big is the Frunk?

The front trunk in the Model X is 6.5 cubic feet, or 184 L. This is a massive amount of extra space that Tesla owners benefit from and is the largest frunk among all Tesla models. It’s a perk that I didn’t really think of too much when I got my Tesla, but it’s been a pleasant surprise and quite handy during my ownership thus far.

NOTE: Tesla stresses the importance of weight distribution of the cargo. They say it must be as even as possible in both the front and rear trunks of your vehicle. The frunk should never carry more than 110 lbs or 50 kg, as doing so can put your car at risk of being damaged.

The Bottom Line

How big is the frunk on a Tesla Model X? It’s 6.5 cubic feet, or 184 L. This added space is something new owners may not think about, but really appreciate once they start using it. Whether it’s for storing food, luggage, or groceries, having this extra cargo room is a big advantage for Tesla owners everywhere.

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