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Can Full Self-Driving Capability Be Transferred from One Tesla to Another?

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By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla is known to be a pioneer in the automotive industry, being a leader specifically in the electric vehicle (EV) space. Part of their novelty was the introduction of Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD). FSD comes with a heavy price tag, and as a result, there’s a question I’m often asked. Can Full Self-Driving Capability be transferred from one Tesla to another? Continue reading for more.

What are Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability?

Before we learn if FSD can be transferred, it’s important to understand what it is. Essentially, both autopilot and Full Self-Driving are an advanced driver assistance system that’s designed to improve safety and convenience when behind the wheel. The car uses its software and cameras, both inside and out, to accomplish a smooth autopilot experience. When used correctly, it’ll help reduce the overall workload when driving. However, with its current capabilities, it doesn’t make any Tesla a fully autonomous vehicle, so you’ll still have to be an active driver.

Cost of Full Self-Driving

When purchasing a Tesla, you can essentially choose from three levels of software for your autopilot experience, and they all come at a different price:

  1. Basic Autopilot: This is included with all Tesla’s at no added cost. It provides you with the experience of adaptive cruise control, along with lane keeping and autosteer while driving on highways. This means that your Tesla will accelerate and brake for you while also keeping you in your lane.
  2. Enhanced Autopilot: Adding this level of software costs an additional $7,800. It comes with the Basic Autopilot features, as well as a few extra perks. This includes navigate on autopilot, which takes your car on and off the highway by itself, and auto lane change. It also has auto-park and summon, which is a capability that calls the car to you from its parked location.
  3. Full Self-Driving Capability: FSD costs a whopping $16,000 to add when purchasing your Tesla. It includes everything mentioned in the Basic and Enhanced Autopilot but also provides the opportunity to join the FSD beta. This allows you to experience the full autonomy that Tesla is striving for, so you’ll be able to test city and street driving in your neighbourhood using FSD. The best part, when it’s (hopefully) perfected one day, you’ll have full access to all its capabilities. To gain access to FSD beta you’ll have to maintain a certain safety score which looks at several factors to gauge your driving safety.

Full Self-Driving Transfers from One Tesla to Another

The ability to transfer FSD from one Tesla to another depends completely on Tesla’s policy at the time. It’s best to check the Tesla Support page for the latest update on their ruling around Full Self-Driving transfers at any given time.

Historically, these transfers have not been possible when purchasing a new or used vehicle directly from their site, as an existing Tesla owner. However, as mentioned above, there are times when they will allow transfers to be made if you’re buying one new from their site. These are typically limited-time promotions, where Tesla will provide a date range in which you need to take delivery of your new car to be eligible for the transfer.

The Bottom Line

Can Full Self-Driving capability be transferred from one Tesla to another? In summary, it really depends on Tesla’s policy at the time. As mentioned before, transfers have historically not been possible. However, the company has introduced promotional periods where if you take delivery of a new Tesla during a certain date range, transfers of FSD can be made.

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