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Which Tesla Has 7 Seats?

Tesla Model X with Falcon Wing Doors Open

By: Otaiba Ahsan

As more people adopt electric vehicle (EV) ownership, there’s a growing demand for family-friendly options and features. This includes things like screens for the backseats, ample cargo space, 7-seat configurations, and more. Having 2 additional seats opens an EV to a broader market, making it more lucrative for the company itself. So, which Tesla has 7 seats? Continue reading for more.

Model Y

The Model Y has become a bestseller for the EV giant, providing a sleek look and feel while still coming with ample space for a crossover SUV. While there are currently three trims available for this car, only the Long Range option provides the opportunity to have a 7-seat configuration.

The 7-seat interior comes with thirdrow seating for two, and also includes USB-C charging for the added row as well. The second row becomes sliding with adjustable seatbacks, and all seats can fold flat for maximum cargo storage.

NOTE: While the 7-seat configuration adds space for two more passengers, it’s known to be an especially tight fit, as this is a smaller crossover SUV. Many have stated that it can be challenging to fit adults in the two back seats, as the legroom is extremely limited. If you’re planning on ordering one, it’s best to see it for yourself first.

To get a Model Y with a 7-seat interior, simply go to the order page on the Tesla site, click the Long Range option, then scroll down and you’ll see a section called Seating Layout. Tap the option that includes 7, and you’re done. Choosing this layout will add an extra $3,000 to the purchase price of your Tesla.

Model X

The Model X is the luxury counterpart to the Y, and is available in two trims. It has the flashy falcon wing doors, but also provides a lot of utility as well. Currently, only the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive configuration can provide the 7-seat interior.

Like the Model Y, this option comes with third-row seating for two, and the second row becomes sliding with adjustable seatbacks. Moreover, all the seats can fold flat for maximum cargo storage. Since this is a full-sized SUV, the two seats in the back are much more comfortable when compared to the Y, however it’s still a good idea to go see one for yourself before you make a purchase.

To get the Model X with the 7-seat interior, you’ll have to go to the order page on the Tesla site, choose the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive option and then scroll down to the Seating Layout section. Next, tap the option that comes with 7, and you’re done. This will add $3,500 to the purchase price.

The Bottom Line

Which Tesla has 7 seats? In summary, both the Model Y and Model X offer a 7-seat interior for one of their trims. For the Model Y it’s the Long Range version, and for the X it’s the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive. If you do choose this option, it’ll add an extra $3,000 for the Model Y, and an additional $3,500 for the X, so keep that in mind.

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