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Hot Weather Best Practices for Your Tesla

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Tesla Model Y Roof Shade
Tesla Model Y Sunshade from Tesloid

There’s usually a lot of talk about how colder climates affect the performance of Tesla vehicles. From loss of range to frozen door handles, it’s an important topic for sure. However, there are far fewer discussions when it comes to how hotter climates impact the car. To ensure the best ownership experience, continue reading for hot weather best practices for your Tesla.

Before Driving

Perhaps the most important steps you can take are all before driving at all. Here’s what you should do if the temperatures are quite warm outside.

  1. Precondition: You can precondition and cool the vehicle’s cabin by activating climate control remotely from the Tesla app at any time, from anywhere. When in the app, tap the climate button and set your temperature. The automatic vents direct airflow towards the seats so that they’re cool to the touch when you get inside if, your Tesla doesn’t have ventilated seats.
  2. Scheduled Departure: If you’re consistently driving somewhere on the same days and at the same time, and the weather is hot where you live, then it’s a good idea to schedule your departure time so that the cabin is cooled when you’re ready to leave. Luckily, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to set up scheduled departure.
  3. Window Venting: If you want to help lower the cabin temperature without consuming any energy, this is a great option. If you open the Tesla app and Climate > Vent it will slightly lower each window.
  4. Cabin Overheat Protection: In the vehicle settings, you can enable this feature to prevent the cabin from getting excessively hot when the car is not in use. To activate, go to Controls > Safety > Cabin Overheat Protection and there are two options. On uses air conditioning to prevent the cabin from exceeding 105° F, whereas No A/C uses less energy while still providing some cooling by blowing outside air into the cabin. It’s important to know that using this feature can consume considerable amounts of battery.

NOTE: If you’d like to keep your groceries cool when running another errand, you can maintain cabin temperature by using the Keep Climate On feature. When your vehicle is not in use, open the Climate menu and select Keep, and your temperature will stay maintained even when the car is parked and locked.

After Driving

Several measures can be taken after driving to keep the cabin cool for the next time you enter your vehicle. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Dog Mode: If you are leaving your pet(s) in the car after driving, then you’ll want to leave Dog Mode on. This feature will keep the cabin cool so that your animal will stay safe. See our guide on how to put your Tesla into Dog Mode.
  2. Turning the A/C Off: Tesla recommends turning the air conditioning off for approximately 30 seconds before pressing Park to reduce puddling below the vehicle.
  3. Parking Choice: It’s best to park in the shade if possible during daytime hours as it can help maintain cooler cabin temperatures.

Lastly, a great option for your Tesla if it’s parked in the sun, is a Sunshade. Lucky for you, we’ve got a Roof Sunshade Screen for the Model 3 and Model Y.

Model 3 Sunshade
Tesla Model 3 Sunshade from Tesloid

This product provides complete shade over the entire roof for protection against the sun, which also helps maintain inside temperatures. It’s easy to install or remove with provided clips, which can stay in place without the need to drill any holes or stick anything. The Sunshade comes with a mesh layer and a thermal reflective layer.

The Bottom Line

There are several hot-weather best practices for your Tesla that you should be following. It’s important to follow the steps above for both before you begin your drive, and after you park the car as well. This will ensure the best Tesla ownership experience.

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