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Michelin X-Ice Snow Tire

Ultimate winter tire designed for excellent winter traction, long lasting winter tread, and the most comfortable ride – not just when it’s new, but for seasons to come.

Tesla Model Y Winter Tire Package - OEM 19

19″ inch Gemini Rim

Tesla Gemini rim that’s compatible with all kinds of wheel covers including official Gemini wheel covers (silver/dark gray) or aftermarket Tesloid wheel covers (black) to maximize battery range during range sensitive winter months.

Winter tires gemini wheel covers

Full Package with Sensors

The complete package includes the following:

  • 4 x Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires
  • 4 x 19″ Gemini Rims
  • 4 x Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
  • Tires Mounted & Balanced
Tesla Model Y Winter Tire Package with TPMS

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Tesla Model Y Winter Tire Package - OEM 19
Parameter Value
Rim Size 19×9.5 (+45)
Bolt Pattern 5×114.3
Tire Spec 255/45R19 104H XL (DOT 2023)
Tire Manufacture Year 2023
Tire Brand Michelin X-Ice Snow
Package Contents 4 x 19″ Gemini Rims with Michelin X-Ice Tires & TPMS
Compatible Models All Model Ys


Do you offer installation on the vehicle?

No, we do not offer installation on the vehicle. However, the tires are mounted onto the rims with (TPMS) tire pressure monitoring sensors, balanced and are ready to go. You can take them to ANY auto shop and they can install them on to your vehicle. Typical charge for such a service is $40-$80. You may also install them at home if you have a jack, Model Y jack pads and wrench/torque wrench.

What about centre caps and lug nuts ?

You can use the original lug nuts and wheel covers. Centre caps and lug nuts are not included.

How do you ship it to home?

Each wheel is shipped individually through a third party carrier such as UPS or Fedex. Each wheel is packaged to avoid any damages during shipping process. Although very rare but minor cosmetic scratches or scuffs could still arise and are not subject to warranty/return.

Please allow an extra 1-2 weeks for shipping due to nature of this order.

Does it fit the Performance Model?

This package is rated for top speed 210 km/h while Model Y Performance models are capable of going upto 250 km/h. While this package will fit the Performance versions of the Model Y, it is not recommended to drive beyond the threshold of 210 km/h.

Can I buy just the tires without the rims or vice vera?

No, everything comes prepackaged as a bundle.

Can I return the packages if unused?

Returns are NOT accepted due to nature of this item. Please note all sales are final.

Is there any warranty?

There is manufacturing warranty offered directly by Michelin for tires. There is 90 days warranty for the rims and 1 year for the TPMS offered by us. Please note, minor cosmetic scratches or scuffs are not covered under warranty.

Customer Reviews

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David Saunders
Model Y Snow tires

I am very happy with the snow tires which i purchased through Tesloid for my Tesla Model Y.

Rick M
Thank you from Minnesota!

Went to buy Gemini rim and winter tire package for my 2022 MYLR, on the Tesla app but they were "sold out" which I suspect it might be a manipulation. Tesloid had, in stock, the same OEM Tesla Gemini rims, with OEM Tesla tire pressure monitors, and WAY BETTER TIRES - that's right, Consumer Reports rates the Michelin X Ice Snow tires from Tesloid as tied for the #1 best winter tire. The Pirelli Sotozero 3 Winter tires from Tesla are near the worst rated winter tire on Consumer Reports. The total cost from Tesloid for the complete package was only $100 more than from Tesla, but there was FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! I was even more impressed when they showed up via FedEx in less than 5 days, at no charge shipping, this was AMAZING! I am so impressed and can't wait to cruise through a Minnesota winter in my Tesla with new paws from Tesloid - thank you Tesloid!!!

Winter Wheel Package

The tires arrived in a timely manner and as described on the website. Easy to install and sensors worked immediately. No issues. Hopefully the X-Ice Tires were the right choice. Great service regardless. Cheers.

Andre Lacombe
Great service

Great service, and all correct; 2 wheels for the left side of the car and 2 for the right side.

John Elden
Model Y Winter Tire Package

I am very happy with the Model Y winter tire package! The wheels / tires were delivered in perfect condition. I installed the tires myself and followed the Tesla Y Owner's Manual instructions for changing the tire configuration from "All Season or Summer" to "Winter". The automatic reset of the TPMS sensors worked seamlessly. As the wheels are OEM Gemini the Aero covers were easy to reinstall.

If doing your own installation just remember the Michelin X-Ice tires are directional, so install with the rotation arrows pointing forward! Using the DOT S/N on the tire sidewall I was able to register the tires with Michelin for warranty purposes.