Model Y Steering Wheel Cover – Hand Stitch – Black Suede




Fits all models

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Top Features

Premium Suede

Crafted from the finest suede, our steering wheel cover exudes luxury and elegance. The plush texture of the suede enhances your grip on the wheel while offering a comfortable and indulgent driving experience.

Tesla steering wheel cover suede

Enhanced Grip and Comfort

Hand Stitched for perfection allowing you to maintain control of the wheel with confidence while ensuring safety. Say goodbye to discomfort during long drives and hello to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Tesla steering wheel cover tan for Model 3/Y tan color hand stitch

DIY Installation

Comes with complete kit to hand stitch it yourself with no prior experience. The handcrafted touch adds a unique and personalized element to your car’s interior, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal.

Tesla steering wheel cover black suede stitching DIY kit for model y/3

Made for Longevity

Renowned for its durability and resilience, making them the ideal choice for steering wheel cover that withstand the test of time.

Tesla steering wheel cover black suede interior Model y/3


Tesla steering wheel cover dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Genuine Suede
Heated Steering Support Yes
Package Contents 1x steering wheel cover
1x thread and needle stitching kit
1x masking tape
1x pry tool