Model Y Frunk Trunk Mats – 3D (3 Piece Set)


Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat, Frunk (Front Trunk) Mat and Sub-trunk Mat (3 Piece Full Set)

✔ Protect your Model Y with these high quality & environmentally friendly frunk, sub-trunk and trunk mats. Guaranteed to trap moisture, spill, debris, etc. Our mats are made with anti-slip material to firmly keep your mats in place.

✔ Provide Maximum Coverage to the floor area of your Model Y’s cargo space.

✔ Enhance Interior with minimalist pattern which flawlessly blends in with Model Y’s design.

✔ Maintain Easily by wiping with wet cloth or simply washing them with any detergent or soap. 100% Waterproof.

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Top Features

Fits Every Corner

Carved to fit curves and corners of Model Y’s cargo space. The precise three dimentional fitting ensure that they always stay in place.

tesla model Y trunk mat

Minimalistic Pattern

Simplicity is the new sophistication. The abstract pattern seamlessly blends in with minimalistic overall look of Model Y.

tesla model Y front frunk mat

Ready for Anything!

The pattern is designed for carrying cargo while trapping any dirt, debris, spills or snow.

model Y trunk mat heavy duty

Functional Design

Light weight and high durability make them ideal cargo mats

Model Y cargo mat


model Y frunk trunk mats dimensions
Parameter Value
Material TPE
Parcel Size 42 x 21 x 20 Inches
Weight 11 lbs
# of Pieces Full Set of 3