Model 3 Ultra Bright Trunk and Puddle Lights




Fits all model years

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Top Features

Lighten Up Your Trunk

Lighten and brighten up your trunk space to find items easily. At 9 times brighter than OEM lights, it is brighter than any other aftermarket option.

model 3 trunk light

Step In/Out Safely

These ultra bright puddle lights make getting into and out of the car easy. Know exactly where you step while at the same time increasing visual appeal of your car.

model 3 puddle light

Set of 2

Comes in a pair. Please note to replace all Model 3 puddle and trunk lights, 3 pairs are needed.

model 3 puddle light replacement


model 3 trunk light upgrade
model 3 OEM trunk light


Model 3 Trunk Lights Dimensions
Parameter Value
Light Source 18 LEDs
Brightness ~600 Lumens
Length 1.78 in
Width 1 in
Depth 0.78 in
Weight 0.68 oz
Fitments trunk left
trunk right
front right door
front left door
rear right door
rear left door

Installation Notes

Customer Reviews

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Rick Raymer
Ultra bright lights

These are the lights in the trunk and bottom of the doors for better night vision, they are really good and quite simple to change. Probably at least twice as bright as original equipment. Well worth the money.