Model 3 Trunk Side Storage Extender


Trunk Side Storage Space Extender for Tesla Model 3

✔ Expand storage for more items in that easily accessible corner space.

✔ Tuck away items for cleaner and more organized trunk space.

✔ Precisely shaped to fit Model 3 trunk corner space.

✔ No holes and no screws; making it easy to install or remove.

✔ Simply stick it in place with strong velcro strips.

✔ Express Shipping on all orders!

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Top Features

Expand Existing Storage

Already find that corner space useful? Now expand that storage space to tuck away more items. Ideal for storing cleaning or other utility items.

Model 3 Trunk Corner Pocket Storage Things

Just Stick It On

Strong velcro strips make installation process a breeze. Simply stick it on or peel to remove. No mounting hardware is required.

Model 3 Trunk Corner Peel and Stick

Comes with a Storage Bag

Compact and light weight design makes it easy to store when not in use.

Model 3 Trunk Side Storage Extender


model 3 trunk side storage extender after
model 3 trunk side storage extender before


Model 3 trunk side pocket dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Coated Wood
Width 6 in.
Length 16 in.
Thickness 0.4 in.
Weight 0.44 lbs