Model 3 Snow and Mud Flaps


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Top Features

Seamless Match

Model 3 mud flaps look as if came with the car. Designed with automotive grade materials matching the existing trim of Model 3.

model 3 mud flaps rear 2024 highland

Easy Installation

No drilling necessary! Model 3 mud flaps are designed to make use of existing holes making installation and removals process a breeze!

model 3 mud flaps installation highland

Comes as a Full Set

Set of 4 for all 4 wheels. Mounting hardware is also included.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps set of four highland

Keep Your Car Clean

Save on car washes and paint damages from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris your wheels throw around.

Tesla Model 3 mud flaps keep clean highland


Model 3 Mud flaps description 2024
Parameter Value
Materials Automotive ABS
# Pieces 1x front left
1x front right
1x rear left
1x rear right
Weight 1.32 lb
Compatibility 2024