Model 3 Modern Wood Console Wrap




Fits original console only

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Top Features

Style & Protect

Style your center console for a cleaner low maintenance look while protecting it from scratches and fingerprints.

Center Console modern wood wrap

Luxury Material

Made with highly durable and continuous vinyl material to compliment the interior of your Model 3. Simple peel and stick installation.

Center Console wrap easy installation

Set of two!

Made a mistake in the first try? We all can! Don’t worry about it. There’s a spare wrap set in every package for your peace of mind.

center console wrap wood for model 3


Center Console wrap after
Center Console wrap before


Center Console wrap dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Laser cut vinyl film
Texture Modern Wood;

Please note each set is unique and wood grain pattern will vary from the photos here.

Removable? Yes
Bubble-free? Yes; invisible air release vents
Heat-resistant? Yes

Installation Notes