Model 3 Frunk Trunk Mats – 3D Comfort Performance




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Top Features

3D Coverage

Carved to fit curves and corners of Model 3’s cargo space. The precise fitting and anti-slip materials ensure that they always stay in place.

tesla model 3 rear trunk mat

Minimalistic Material

Simplicity is the new sophistication. The minimalistic style seamlessly blends in with minimalistic overall look of Model 3.

tesla model 3 front mat

Ready for Anything!

Carry anything in your cargo space without worrying about dirt, debris, spills or even snow.

model 3 trunk mat heavy duty

Made for Model 3

Light weight yet high durability make it ideal for Model 3

Model 3 cargo mat


model 3 frunk trunk mats dimensions
Parameter Value
Material Multi-layered
Parcel Size 115 x 63 x 10 cm
Weight 4.2 Kg
# of Pieces Full Set of 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Daniel Raymond
Stay clean, look good!

Stay clean, surprisingly easy to clean. Look great, but fitment not perfect. I would definitely buy again.

Donald Kreger
I was amazed

I got a new Model Y, and living in the northeast I knew I needed some good mats for the winter. I had the WeatherTech mats for my previous Tesla, but I thought I'd get something different this time. When I got these Tesloid mats, I was really surprised, the pictures online didn't show what they really looked like. They're wonderful. They fit very snuggly in all the places they go. I don't have any complaints.

Leland T.
Great mat for a great price

I was very skeptical of the order because I didn’t think it would be this good. It looks like carpet, but feels like Velcro. The fit was perfect especially the back seat area. Great quality and it will be perfect year round.

Samuel Joyner

Wasn’t sure of what I was purchasing, based on some difficulties with some online purchases lately, but was pleasantly surprised that I received exactly what I wanted from the advertised product. Will continue to purchase any product from Tesloid that I have a need for.

Erik Anderson
They look great, they don't show dirt. Fit perfectly.

They really look high end. They look like carpet, but they're almost like a hook and loop material. They don't show surface dirt easily, it's like dust/dirt drops through the surface. Haven't cleaned them yet, but it looks promising. They fit my 2023 M3 Performance perfectly. It's like a luxe greeting to the car every time I get in.

I am really impressed initially. They need to off-gas for a week, but after that you can't smell them. Time will tell, but they seem like they'll be durable. If I could buy a set that fit my Wrangler, I would have already done that. I'd say they're good for the money (cheaper than weathertechs) but they are just good, period. Buy them.