Model 3 Floor Mats – 3D Comfort Performance


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Top Features

Fits Every Corner

Precisely carved to fit every curve and corner of Model 3’s floor space. The precise 3D fitting ensure that they always stay in place.

Best Model 3 Floor Mats

3D Coverage

Engineered precisely to cover the largest possible floor area to provide maximum protection.

Model 3 Floor Mats Maximum Coverage

Durable Material

Waterproof and durable to withstand harsh exposure to mud, snow, very hot liquids and anything that your shoes/boots may bring inside.

Model 3 Floor Mats all weather

Ready for Anything!

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Spills Rating


Model 3 Floor mats 3D Mud Rating


Model 3 Floor mats 3D Snow Rating


Made for Model 3

Minimalistic style flawlessly blends in with Model 3's design.

Model 3 mats 3D


3D Floor Mats Model 3 size
Parameter Value
Material Multi-layered
Parcel Size 41 x 20 x 8 in
Weight 8 lbs
# of Pieces Full Set of 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tomas Kuchta
Excelent carpet like strudy floor mats - perfectly fitting M3 2023

Perfect fit for M3 2023; good strong, durable, no nonsense, carpet like material, stick to the floor carpet.
I like them and would buy them again.

The only missing piece is similar durable, strong, carpet like mat for the rear trunk.
- There is simply nothing sturdy, well shaped like this on the market.
- The market is full of hard plastic/rubber mats - everything slides on them, and they do not absorb any dust/liquids

Outstanding product

Fits very well in my model Y, it does not feel like an after market wart in the car. It does not have flashy patterns or logos, the design is subtle and blends into the car perfectly.

They are soft and easier to clean than the floormats.

Eugene Gagnon
Good product

I order them by mistake cause i think they Webex not in car… sorry!! Good product 👍

Jeff Y.
These mats are hidden gems.

I purchased a front/rear set for my new Model 3. It’s my fourth Tesla and I’ve tried many different brands of floor mats. The Tesloid mats are the best I’ve tried; look like carpet but wear like heavy-duty vinyl. They fit perfectly and cover the entire floor area, plus a lip all around. Recommended!

3D comfort Performance floor mats

Excellent product. Perfect fit for my 2023 Model Y.