Model 3 Center Console Tray (Original Console)




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Top Features

Make use of the unused

Perfectly fits in the center console to expand storage and make use of the unused space. The 3 main compartments are ideal to:

  • A: Store glasses
  • B: Empty your pockets
  • C: Stack coins
Center Console Tray Marked

Precision Fitment

Center console tray is designed to fit effortless in the middle center console area. Simply drop it into the empty space; no mounting hardware is required.

Center Console Tray Fitment

Coated in Flock Material

Coated in premium flock material to blend in with the Model 3’s interior; looking as if it came with the car.

Center Console Tray Material


Center Console Tray Before
Center Console Tray After


Model 3 Center Console Dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Flock coated ABS
Width 5 in.
Length 6.2 in.
Depth 2 in.
Weight 0.4 lb.

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